WHAT Balanced BUDGET Amendment, “TEE-MANIACS & Reprehensible Party” HATE-MONGERS and Neo-KONZS???


Is There truly any Amendment within our United States Constitution that Compells or makes it Necessary to “BALANCE The BUDGET”? Is there Any true “Spending” Limitations” Really ever Mandated by Our Constitution; as The “TEE-MANIACS & Reprehensible Party” HATE-MONGERS and Neo-KONZS, keep Publicly Arguing inst The President, as Their Rationale for “Saying NO to everything that The President proposes for the people”?

I set out on a Mission to find the Constitutional Amendment which mandates a “Balanced Budget Amendment” …I’m Still Researching and looking!

The U.S. federal government is not bound by any balanced budget provision, but there have been various proposed amendments to the United States Constitution which would introduce such a rule. Most proposals contain a supermajority exception allowed for times of war or national emergency.

Never has ther been such an Blatant LIE proposed upon the People of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, and Upon the WORLD ECONOMY, then this #1 Purposeful LIE continuously perpetrated, UPON The People & Citizens of the world and the United STATES!

The United States Budget, With the Co-operative “Joint” Mission of The President, Congress, The Federal Budget OFFICE, and others of the Administration, Requires that All of these afore mentioned People and Agencies, “Create a More Perfect UNION, Provide for the general WELFARE of the People, and in small regular terms, “TAKE CARE of THE Citizens of the United States!”

Unlike the constitutions of most U.S. states, the United States Constitution does not actually require the United States Congress to pass a balanced budget, one in which the projected income to the government through taxes, fees, fines, and other revenues equals the amount proposed to be spent. This has led to deficit spending and the creation of a national debt. Except for a short period during the presidency of Andrew Jackson since its inception the United States federal government has always been in debt.

IT is NOT the Federal Government’s Mandate to “BALANCE THE BUDGET!” IT IS their MANDATE, to Provide for the General WELFARE of THE CITIZENS of THESE UNITED STATES!

Therefore: STOP Listening to the LIES, Chatter, Talking Points, and Hate-Mongers…They are Massively Deceiving The People and Citizens of the World!

I’ll keep looking, But, The Founding Fathers DID Write a Really Outstanding Constitution, and I believe That They KNEW that Whenever LIES would become Public Policy Mentioned Mandates, That THERE HAD to be a way for THE President, and Those who LOVE ALL CITIZENS, and People, Poor, Middle Class, Rich, and old; Could Still Provide for the General WELFARE of the People and Citizens, and The UNITED STATES of AMERICA is NOT Required to operate as a CORPORATE-TYPE Institution….States, is a Different matter….READ it, Learn it!

Thanks! President Barack OBAMA or Your Proposals, and Williness to Provide for the General WELFARE ( NOT The same meaning as the WELFARE PROGRAMS, itself for those HATE-MONGERS) of the PEOPLE and Citizens of THESE UNITED STATES of AMERICA!

Much Love & friendship,

Terry Reece, AKA “the Warrior” Super Hero

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