Imagine Our World, IF, President Barack Obama, Had NOT Been Elected!?

As I watched The President of the United States, President Barack ObamaBarack Obama; Speak in Detroit, Michigan, yesterday, Tears swelled up, within my eyes. I am So Proud of That Man, Our President and the 1st Family.

Then, I had Scary, Night-Marish Thoughts, that I have often contemplated; “What IF, Barack Obama, had NOT been elected?” THAT is Frightening “Night-mare”, which could also be threatening us again, this Election period.

THAT McCain & Palin team, would have been so much different, Remember: (“Bomb,BOMB, BOMB IRAN”?) (“I can See Russia from where I live”) (Too many more Evil and Frighteneing other Public Statement, and ways to tear down Americans, and people of the world everywhere,,,,) MANN, What a Cruel World we could/would have been living in!

A Few weeks ago, after I Heard several Speeches by “Reprehensible party Favorites Rick perry and Michelle Backman, I woke up very early in the am, about 2:ooAm, and could NOT go to Sleep, until I wrote This Futuristic Epic SCI-FI Storyline Plot for additions to Our ©REECENETRICS “Brands” (THE FUTURE, IS NOW!)

here is a Sci-Fi Futuristic epic Future (“Franchise-BRAND”) Film of ours, which I hope that You will keep an Open mind about. I wrote this up, several weeks ago, on scratch paper, and added it to our © REECENETRICS Copyright registration. The Plot of this epic Story, may make the hairs on your head give you chilly bumps, it did mine, when GOD gave it to me to write..At 1st I rejected writing it down, but As he does sometime, GOD will not allow me to go back to Sleep, or rest, until I do it. So to find some Peace and grace for my own good, I began to write and here is the Vision! Am I scared, or afraid, YES; somewhat, BUT NOT to an extent of NOT obeying GOD’S giving of this story to me….maybe I’m wrong for writing it, Maybe I am Right! I did NOT get into the Chapters with you yet, have many notes yet to write into manuscript form.

WE shall SEE!

©The PeopleLeenzs™ When in the Futuristic World machines take over the bodies of people

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