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We are Going to

Change the World”

We are Changing the World!

Mission – To change the way BLACKS treat each other, to change BLACK communities to make them better and safer, to change the way BLACKS do business with one another, to change the way BLACKS support BLACK owned businesses, to change the way BLACK owned businesses support the BLACK communities, to change the way the world see BLACKS! We are Going to Change the World!

Board of Directors & Advisory Council:

Darrick L. TuckerPresident/CEO
Email: dltuck@rhinosnation.com

Eloise Strauther – Marketing Director — more info coming soon
Email: eloise@rhinosnation.com

Anthony Powell – Activity Director — more info coming soon
Email: apowell@rhinosnation.com

Bernice Henley – Catering Director — more info coming soon
Email: bhenley@rhinosnation.com

Knox Bates – Info coming soon
Twanda Bates – Info coming soon
Altamease Hayes – Info coming soon
Terry Reece – Info coming soon

We are inviting you to come join Rhinos’ Nation in supporting our new venture in growing our BLACK Communities, Young BLACK Students, BLACK Business Owners and our BLACK People period! Our CEO has been working with BLACK business owners and others for 20 years leading up to this great plan. For the past two years he has been working on a project to help train our young BLACK students in becoming Young Entrepreneurs before they graduate from high school, Young Rhinos’ Club. That’s right, before they graduate from high school, WOW!

We had many BLACK Entrepreneurs along with others over the past two years come out to talk to our young BLACK Students about the real world of Entrepreneurship. We’ve been working with a school to see how students would react to our program. The students and faculty’s response was great!

Rhinos’ Nation is the company that supports and leads the Young Rhinos’ Club mentally as well as financially. Our purpose is to help BLACKS get back to supporting one another. We have a plan to work with our young BLACK students in giving them more of a chance to become successful business owners. In supporting Rhinos’ Nation you will be supporting our BLACK communities, nationwide. We will do some things that have never been done before, while recreating some plans that worked well for us in the past to show how we are making a real difference with BLACKS including BLACK businesses, nationwide.

We are targeting a small select group of BLACK students to enroll in our Young Rhinos’ Club program the first year, 2010. Each year, we plan to grow our program to enroll thousands of our young BLACK students, nationwide for FREE! We will continue to build Rhinos’ Nation from within with our Young Rhinos’ Club graduating members. This is a totally different approach on building a great and powerful company of BLACK entrepreneurs!

We will hand pick the BLACK business owners that we feel will make this venture a great success. Everyone will not be welcome for certain reasons. For those that will not and cannot work together well as a team as well as for those that is hurting the BLACK family will be excluded from our program. We are very serious about rebuilding the BLACK family! We are looking for BLACKS that are about helping our people grow in a positive manner as a team. We will have certain rules and guidelines for our members and sponsors. They are set to help as well as promote our teamwork in taking care of our people.

All business owners that become sponsors in Rhinos’ Nation will strongly benefit if they participate in our programs. We are offering a lot to every person that becomes a member and to the business owners that help support and sponsor our venture. We are building one of the most powerful companies ever put together. The more we grow the more powerful we will become. We plan to change the way the world sees and talk about BLACKS! We would love for you to be a part of this magnificent venture!

Become a RHINOS’ NATION member and help us Change the World, today!

Rhinos’ Nation Welcome Committee

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