CORNELIUS MD: Gaining his own Legacy, while Paying Honor to The Late Great Barry White




Very few music artists operate like The Music Doctor. Cornelius MD brings to the stage an intoxicating, romantic and captivating voice that closely resembles “The Maestro” himself Barry White with an injection of Isaac Hayes.

Born and raised in Gary, Indiana. Cornelius MD was inducted into the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame. He attended Arkansas A & M University in Pine Bluff, Arkansas and served six years in the United States Air Force. He always had a love and passion for music.

In 2008, Cornelius MD signed with Domain Records one of the oldest and most prestigious record labels in America. Ironically, Tony Sepe, President of Domain Records was Barry White’s manager and helped write one of Barry’s greatest hits, “My First, My Last, My Everything.”

Unfortunately, after signing with Domain Records, Tony Sepe became ill and passed away a short time later. During his time with domain Records, Cornelius MD came in contact with members of the Love Unlimited Orchestra. Steve Guillory, guitar player and writer of “Don’t Play Games” on Barry White’s last album. Emmitt North, guitar player who played 25 years with Barry White; Hence Powell who played keyboard for Barry White and DeLacy White who played drums. And last but not least, Mike Nunes, son of Larry Nunes, the man who discovered Barry White. Those closest to the Late, Great Barry White have endorsed Cornelius MD, the “Music Doctor” to carry the torch, mantle, and legacy of the sexy and sultry sound of the baritone vocalist.

In recent years, Cornelius MD has opened for legendary acts such as Dionne Warwick, Ray, Goodman and Brown, and the Chi-lites to name a few.

Cornelius MD’s music was recently presented to one of R&B’s most legendary managers, Mr. Joe Douglas who represents the world-reknown group Frankie Beverly and Maze. Given the nod, on June 28, 2011 Cornelius MD signed on with Joe Douglas Management.

The Music Doctor is working on his own prescription for love, his latest single “I Belong to You” a remake of a song written, arranged, and produced by the late, great, Barry White. The single is just what the Doctor ordered and is due for release on September 1, 2011. His new album, “I Want You to Know Me” will follow shortly.

“Dreams do come true if you want them to”

INFLUENCES: Barry White, Isaac Hayes, Lou Rawls, Arthur Prysock

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