Board Of Directors and Advisory Board Members


Board Of Directors and Advisory Board Members


®Reece Enterprises / ®Time Travel Network, Inc. / ®Family Media Company/TDM COMICS International


Board Of Directors and Advisory Board Members


*I. Senior Founding Members


Founder/ Senior-Chairman/CEO:


Terry “the Warrior” Reece




Julia R. Reece


Director of Technology Business Affairs:


Tony E. Reece:


**Senior Board of Directors/Advisory Board Members


I-A. Marcus Small and his Company: Domino Effects Production Chairman/Partner of Film & Media Production

I-A/A-1: OWEN RATLIFF, Founder of Ratti ENTERTAINMENT, and Creator/Developer of “BLACK SALT”, (the Comics Series, The Film/Movie, and the Video Game); SENIOR FILM Production/Music Adviser


I-A./1: Kenyon Glover
; FILMS and Productions, and Actors Adviser/Consultant


I-A/2. Mr. Mark Evans, and His Company: MEProductions; Film/Media/Animation Production Consultant


I-A/3. Mr. Glen Ezell Walters and Donitha Copeland:3-D Animators; Animation and Cartoon Video/Animation Consultants


I-A/4: Jahmilla Jackson (Film Production Consultant)


Actress/Producer/Director; Aka Jax Back, aka ©Jametra: African- Continental Competitive Mixed Aggression Champion


I-B.Diedra Wayans: Writer, Producer


I-B/1. Tami Ndita Mase, CEO of AfriNet TV and Radio Broadcasting Network: Founder & CEO of AFRINET TV, CHAIRMAN OF AFRICAN CONINENTMEDIA AND CONTENT DISTRIBUTION


I-B/2. Dahmenah Mingo: Actress/Model/Producer is the Super Heroine, called ©M.O.J., aka ©Menah, aka ©The Minister of Justice


I-B/3. Angela Meryl: Actress/Writer/Stunt-Actress is:*©A.S.H.A.N.T.A.E.  (pronounced “a  shon   taa”), aka ©the Black Angel


I-B/4. Shawn Chavis,Founder, Editor-in-Chief at Bronze Magazine , As MEDIA,_Consulting Partner


I-C.Martha Tucker: FOUNDER of Premier Writers Network


I-D.Sophia Stewart of “Mother of the MatrixWriter/Creator of “the Third Eye”, and “Soul-Less”


I-E.Dianne Sullivan, Actress/Model, and Celebrity Pro-Filer of the ©G.i.J.i.M.O.M. Character/Brand; ©CURVE”


I-F. Lonette Mckee,Actress/Model/Writer/Producer/Director/Singer


I-G. Larry Ryan:Senior Artist/Illustrator, friend, and Partner


Brand” Contributing Artist/Illustrators:


I-G/1. Cristian Saluas


Youth Advisory Board Members/Leadership of the Future T.E.A.M. Members


I-AA. Karoderick “ROD” Reece, Artist/Illustrator, Writer


I-BB. Brandee Wayans, Actress/Model and Celebrity Pro-Filerof the Character/Brand; “G.I.N.E.S.E.S.”


I-BB/1.:Krystle McGill: Actress/Model/Writer/Radio Show host, based in Ermington, Sidney Australia; as Celebrity Pro-Filer of the Character/Brand; ©Xtzina


I-CC. Thomas “Tre” “ aka, “ICE TREA” Stewart, as our National/International Director of Youth Comedy Adviser.


**II. TDM Comics International


Founding Co-Chairs: TDM COMICS International


Darrick L. Tucker


Michele Ma’Ko’




 J-A.: Yolanda Lamar-Wilder, Founder and National President of (WEA) Women Entrepreneurs of America, Inc.
Appointed as National/International Community & Women Entrepreneurs Advisory Board of Directors Chairwoman






J-B/1: Rahul Seth, International Music Composer, Scorer, Writer, , resides in Mumbai Area, India


J-D.: Xzun Bellefant of Man Power Mentoring, Our National/International Chairman of Youth Mentoring and Educational programs.


J-E.: DANGER MAN, aka Roger Tinsley, as Our Chairman of Western Region Operations, (including “theE.M.M.A./E2M2” and “the S.I.B.O.R.G.”)


J-F.: ISABELITA ROBINSON, Majestic Languages Interpretation Service LLC , AS OUR CHAIRMAN OF LANGUAGES International INTERPRETATION


J-G.: Wenwen “VIVIAN” Li; Consultant BEIJING CITY, CHINA, PUBLIC RELATIONS and Communications, and Chinese Interpreter, Language and Cultural Consultant


The TDM Comics International All NEW Line of SPORTS Super Heroes


Our Senior Sporting Advisers & Consultants


K-A/1. Byron Williams: Former New York Giants and 13 year Professional Receiver; Current Dallas, Texas NFLPA President, is the Super Hero called ©#87/B-87


K-A/2.:DR. John Telford, aka “A Life on the Run” , aka, theSuper Hero called ©DR. S.O.L.As Our National/International Civil Rights/Human Rights Chairman


K-A/3: Angel Regis-Felix Voice Actress, OUR 1st FEMALE

“VOICE” Talent

K-A/4.:DON Hokesema, “VOICE-TALENT”, As Our 1st MALE VOICE ACTOR Talent Recording Specialist

K-A/5. :    STARR RAY; CREATIVE FOUNDER OF starrraycharactersuniverse1 StarrRayCharacters Universe AND theworldofstarrraytoons StarrRayToons-BySTARR RAY(CVI)

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