®theYoung Rhinos Club Organization

©Young Rhinos Club Organization



is an Entrepreneur Training Company Organization for Youth, Teens, and Young Adults. “The CLUB” is a Vision of Mr. Darrick Tucker, & Terry “the Warrior” Reece, with Darrick Tucker Taking the lead position of Founding the organization, and assuming the Chairman of the Board of Directors’ position. Tucker will also stand as the CEO of Marketing & Development.

Terry “the Warrior” Reece will serve on the Board of Directors, and also stand as The CEO of Business Management. Other Board members will be named and ratified, in the Near Future.


The “Young RHINOS CLUB”:

When Me and My Longtime Friend, Darrick Tucker, Lived in Dallas, Texas, WE were growing as “Who’s WHO” of The Northern Texas DFW Areas as The Young & Upcoming Entrepreneurs. I attended And Graduated From LEADERSHIP SOUTHWEST (1996-97 Graduate) Political “Grooming & Training School, to Prepare for a Run for Public Office. Darrick and I worked together on May, Many Contracted projects, Such as DFW Airport, The City of Dallas, Texas Instruments, Frito Lay, Coke Cola, And Our BIG Famous Project was the 1992 WORLD CUP, Contract as Their Moving and Storage Company.

Well, we became known as “the Young RHINOS” because we, along with a few more friends and Business Associates, within Our Circles, were Seen around in the Business and Political Functions as the Young Group of Future Progressive Entrepreneurs, who also Trained with Positive Image Building Lessons and Class Tapes form the Original Group Called “THE RHINOS CLUB”, a Motivational Speaker’s Group, who were established a long time ago to Train in Corporate Business Leadership Executive Board rooms.

Well, WE wore Silver RHINO Lapel Pins, and Hung out at Some After Work Social Clubs, and  were well Known in those circles. Darrick & I made a Pledge back then, That WE wanted to Establish “The YOUNG RHINOS CLUB” someday to Teach Young Entrepreneurship to Students, And Establish Our Own Social Networking “EXCLUSIVE” Clubs all over the world. So, NOW with the Popularity of MYSpace, FAcebook, Twitter, , hi5, and all of the Others, WE feel it’s about time to Launch Ours. Others have Blazed the Trail, And All we have to do is Ride the Waves and Paths already Established, YET, WITH OUR Own Special Twists.

The “YOUNG RHINOS CLUB” will not Allow Just Anyone, or just any Teenager, or Pre-Teen to be a part of it. YES, We will seek to Include as Many as Possible, WHO will Follow Certain Honest, Clean, Special, Decent Criteria.

Our bi-laws have specific Honorable Rules, For example,

    • Absolutely NO Illegal or Illicit Drugs.


  • Community Activities Voluntarism



  • Educational Class works Performed honorably and diligently.



  • School & Class room grades and attendance, and Classroom Performance Overall


WE will Teach, Train, Educate some of These member “YOUNG RHINOS” to become Future Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Actually Help Them Form Their own Companies, and Began Making, Earning Their Financial Futures, and Have Their Own Endowments and Legacy Funds, for Their LONG Term Futures.

Parents will be Able to Sponsor Their Youths into “THE YOUNG RHINO CLUB” with Annual “Sponsorship Membership Contributions”. The “Young RHINO CLUB” Members will have Id Cards with Our LOGO, and They will be promoted to Achievement Levels, according to How They Conduct themselves, within The Criteria of their Assignments.

WE Plan on a Magazine & Newsletter to Highlight & Honor “YOUNG RHINO CLUB” members for Several Achievement Awards, Annually, and WE May Possibly Create a TV Series and Later Cartoon, and Their Own Comics Series also.

WE have BIG, EXTREME Plans for “The YOUNG RHINOS CLUB” and our INTERNATIONAL AMBASSADORS “T.E.A.M. of MATES” by utilizing Cartoons, Comics, Animations, Films, and Plays for Positive Images of Change.

Coming Soon: http://rhinosnation.com/index.php

©Young Rhinos will not only be taught, Trained and educated about being Business Owners, but will be encouraged to be actually running their own companies, as they grow through the programs.

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