First 2012 838hp 240mph Mosler RaptorGTR hyperexotic car breaks cover via an extreme music video



For the first time in the 100-year history of the automobile, a crushing new supercar is being launched via an extreme music video: This new American 2012 Mosler RaptorGTR features an 838hp 7.0L forged V8 twinturbo powerplant accelerating only 2580lbs (1173kg). The ultralight street missile is built with carbon-fiber LeMans Prototype construction concepts to keep the weight radically lower than any car in the hyperexotic category, while remaining extremely safe. Like the Audi R18 that protected its driver through an intensive impact with a barrier during the 2011 LeMans race, the RaptorGTR features a central carbon-fiber safety cell surrounded by consumable elements to absorb impact energy.


The magic of the $700,000 RaptorGTR lies in the extensive use of carbon-fiber, which is pound-for-pound five times stronger than steel and uniquely visible inside and outside the car. The result of this construction concept combined with a twin-turbocharged 7.0L powerplant is a power-to-weight ratio that is 36% higher than the 987hp / 4162lb $1.7million Bugatti Veyron. Power-to-weight is the primary variable to determine the ‘rush’ of acceleration. Low weight also reduces braking distances because there is simply less kinetic energy to be converted into heat during deceleration. Additionally, low weight, low center of gravity, and sticky tires yield 1.4g’s of lateral grip. The mid-engine missile features Nitto NT05R drag radials to maintain traction under this level of power. Low weight, high power, and strong traction yield a 2.3second blast to 60mph. See for more specs, pricing, and technical details.


The Feel My Fire song and videos are available for download on under Abby Cubey. Of course every RaptorGTR comes with the song preloaded into the stereo.


The video is free for press to use on television and websites. Download:

The YouTube link is:

For Television quality video email


The visible turbos concept was inspired by the F-22 Raptor fighter jet. By virtue of being directly exposed to the atmosphere, the turbos generate a truly unique fighter jet soundtrack for the driver. The sound of the turbos is unlike anything previously experienced in the automotive realm, so Abby has adopted the turbos as an instrument in Abby Cubey’s Feel My Fire song and music video. China will certainly be the largest market for the RaptorGTR, so a Chinese version of Feel My Fire will be released in mid December.



Abby is the definition of an international recording artist. Her father is from Europe; mother from Asia. She was born in Hong Kong, and educated in America (Georgetown Univ). Additionally, Abby sings in seven languages: English, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Russian, French, and Tagalog. The universal language of music combined with such a large array of languages is an ideal mechanism to launch a new world-class vehicle into every market around the world. Abby is initially releasing the song in English, and she will release the song in a new language every month for the following six months starting with Chinese.


While developing the 838hp RaptorGTR powerplant, we experimented with ProOne superlubricant. Dyno testing showed a 25hp increase and 8deg decrease in steady-state engine temperature. See


We gave Speed Channel the first and only crack at a road test of the new rocket prior to the global launch. They decided to run the car in the Mojave Desert on a 110oF day during a heat wave at high noon on fresh jet-black asphalt for their season finale of

The Car Show’ with Adam Carolla. Apart from cooking our toes through our shoes on the blacktop, it was a very entertaining test. For the full review, check out:


After completing a performance driving school with the RaptorGTR, for an additional $70,000 the vehicle can be upgraded by Supercar Engineering, Inc. with a 1212hp CubeyGTR package. In addition to the immense power upgrade, this limited edition vehicle features a front clip designed after Abby’s exotic eyes. Of course additional cooling is required to absorb the immense heat that 1212hp emits, thus there is an additional radiator installed in the driver’s side pod and the intercooler receives additional air flow via ducts integrated into the rear hatch. This upgrade package will be limited to 12 cars. This rocket has more than 1hp/kg and nearly DOUBLE the power-to-weight ratio of a Bugatti Veyron.


Visit for more information and downloads of the Feel My Fire song, ringtones, and video. Abby will donate 15% of the revenue from Feel My Fire to the holiday charity: Toys For Tots. Additionally 15% of the purchase price of this first RaptorGTR will be donated to Toys For Tots.

Contact J. Todd Wagner at 203.668.3904 or for inquiries about purchasing 2012 Mosler RaptorGTR #001 or one of the 12 CubeyGTRs. Todd attended Virginia Tech for mechanical engineering and Yale for a master’s in business. While at Yale, Todd invented Link-X Stability System to improve the safety of SUVs,, which was sold to Metaldyne. Additionally, Todd been the Director of Engineering & Design for Mosler for over seven years and owns the first RaptorGTR shown in the images/video.


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