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IF you get a Call from phone number #888-279-2426, IT IS A NEW “SCAMSTER/FRAUDSTER” Calling!
YOU SHOULD file a complaint with the FTC, at FTC.GOV.

These are professional “Scamsters/Fraudsters” They spend their whole day and night looking for people to “Rip-Off” and “SCAM”
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Premier Recovery, Inc. (Collection Agency calling on behalf of Citibank Cards)


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[edit] Caller’s Contact Information

Premier Recovery, Inc.

7300 Turfway Rd, Suite 250

Florence, KY 41042

Corporate Phone Number: (800)776-0707
[edit] Caller ID

Boone, Kentucky

unknown name
[edit] Additional Information

A computer recording calls several times per day from this number. Today I called the number and was told it was a CitiCard issue, which I do not have, and that I owed money. They asked me for my social security number and other personal information; I refused to give out that information and hung up.

I get a call every day from this number when I’m at work. Every message sounds exactly the same and I think it’s a recorded voice dialed by an automated system. The voice says, “This is Citicard calling about your Zales account. Please call 1-888-279-2426.” I don’t have a Zales account.
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Premier Recovery’s Corporate Website
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Traditional Citizens Block Patrols are still very much needed, BUT, these modern times call for NEW, and Innovative Strategic ways of desling with “Cyber-Criminals”, who have transformed themselves into the new cyber-space millenium. They have developed and keep developing new ways to do their evil, dirty deeds.

As always, from the beginning of the Stable, viable Law Enforcement Systems, Citizens have been called upon to be the missing and mobil eyes and ears, as witnesses, as informants, as groups of caring people who helped to maintain the civility and order of Communities and neighborhoods. WE are the New Age Cyber-Eyes and Cyber-Ears. WE can Help!

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OUR Challenges:
Modern day criminals have become increasingly more clever at hiding from the law enforcement officials. They escape, many times, by portraying themselves as legitimate citizens, and business entities. Many may have friendly relations with unknowing and unsuspecting law enforcement officials, state, local, and federal officials, blending in as “Moles”; yet carrying on secondary other lives under the radar, and utilizing the frontier of Cyber-Space to do harm and evil deeds to ordinary, hard working and honest citizens. Criminals,Fraudsters, Scamsters,evil-doers, and their co-operative partners, have found ways to basically “VIOLATE” people’s personal and private lives, within the NEW Modern day Frontier called Cyber-Space, the World Wide Web! Some cyber-Criminals live outside of the United States, Yet pose as being within the United States.

Cyber-Criminals and “Fraudsters/Scamsters” come in through the Vast Frontier, called Cyber-Space or the World wide web, and phone Apps technologies, as well as ACH, and Banking Electronic technologies. They no longer need to “Burglarize” Rob, Steal, or Commit “Armed Robberies” , or “Thievery”, in person ; They can commit these crimes and Frauds from thousands of cyber-Space miles, and Physical nautical Miles away.

Our Ship, ©The Cyber-Treck. VESSEL CALLED: ©S.I.-B.O.R.G. WILL SAIL THROUGH OUT THE VASTNESS OF THE ELECTRONIC AND CYBER WORLD, ON VERY, VERY IMPORTANT AND ‘principle strategic missions, assignments, and Voyages.

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The Prime Directive:
1*ALL STORY ADVENTURES MUST BE “Based Upon TRUE And Honestly reported events and Stories”
2** All stories Must be Investigated, double and even triple checked and corroborated, by utilizing documented and analyzed facts !
4****NOTE! Any evidence, materials, documentations, stories presented, may be viewed, analyzed, recopied, investigated, and even used as evidence by Law Enforcement Officials (They Are TRUE Action Super Heroes) (WE are their CYBER eyes, ears, and Community Block Patrol Organizations) (Cyber-Block Patrols) Let’s Help be part of the Solutions, NOT part of the problems!

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