Westboro Baptist Church Continues Their Libel/Slander/Defamation of Steve Jobs

Westboro Baptist Church Continues Their Libel/Slander/Defamation of Steve Jobs

Detroit : MI : USA | Oct 09, 2011 at 4:38 AM PDT
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"Reece: the Warrior" Super Hero
This is an actual depiction of me, as my Alter-Ego Super Hero Character.

Although this crazy group was “rubber-Stamped” under the 1st Amendment of the Constitution by the Supreme Court, Would/Could NOT those Soldiers, and The Many, Many Families’ estates, whom they have so Crazily picked, and wrongfully spoken unjust things about, Turn The Tides in Civil Courts, and File Libel Suits against these Stupid types of Groups?

I did “google” the meaning of Libel and Slander, and Wickipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Defamation) gives great information into this legal areas of prudence. Quite Frankly, I am very, very taken aback, that Steve Jobs’ Legal “T.E.A.M.” and even before That, that some Specialized legal Heavy-Weights, would NOT have filed Suits Against these Crazies, for LIBEL, Slander, and Defamation.

Within the Laws of Civil Litigation, (Proving ONLY a Per ponderous) of Evidence, is Seemingly already established, against these Crazy people.

Within the Civil Libel/Slander/Defamation Laws, It does NOT matter that the People who are being “Slandered and Defamed” may be Dead. The Damage being done towards Their Legacies, and their Dead Namesakes and estates is “STILL LIBELOUS/Slanderous/and Defamation of Character”

Also the fact that Such Libelous, Slanderous, Defamation of Character is negatively Affecting the Lives of The Dead estates’ Family Members, the “BRAND” legacy, the Workers, and Employees of the People, Especially the Soldiers who put their lives on the line, for our freedoms, and then These Ignorant, evil people will “Slander, and Defame” them is in MY opinion the lowest of the lowest form of people.

Jesus would NEVER, Ever do this type of Crap!

I want to Talk with Steve Jobs’ Living Legal “T.E.A.M.” and Family Members, ASAP!

I will Help Them Fight these Crazy “Evil Slanderers” and maybe Others will think twice, before seeking to always seek to try to destroy positive people’s Images, and Legacies!


Terry Reece, AKA “the Warrior” Super hero


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