has now finished with my personal/professional Author’s page!

I write Comics-Novels, sci-fi, and generally whatever God gives me the Creative (Brain-Fart), Excuse my dastardly humor, LOL, to write. Usually I cannot get back to sleep, anyway, until I write down whatever he wakes me us at 2-3, in the mornings to become my Next project.whether its Our Spiritual Comics Series, or sci-fi or Historical, or even Political and Life & Community.

I wanted to introduce ®Reece Enterprises / ®Time Travel Network, Inc. / ®Family Media Company/TDM COMICS International to you all.

I wanted to introduce You to the “ITJ” (The International T.E.A.M. of Justice) our “T.E.A.M.” of coming Super Heroes, including L.A.Z.E.R.U.S., G.I.N.E.S.E.S., ©Ziekel the Profetix:, ®ZeeWan SirGovern;, ©Carlix-Micronoss®, and sometimes; ©The Green Chopling-Axesis, AkA ©The Green Chopling.

When me and my Partners decided to register our Companies in Michigan, i believed that getting more people of color involved in reading, would be a direct by-product of the international Company called TDM COMICS INTERNATIONAL.

But the major purpose is to Work with people who truly believe in Creating SUPER HEROES of People of Colors all over the world, not just Black or White people, but Many Colorful nationalities and people.

WHEN CHILDREN SEE POSITIVE IMAGES OF HEROES, AND CHARACTERS WHO LOOK LIKE THEMSELVES, YOU KNOW HOW POSITIVE THE INFLUENCES CAN BE TO HELP THEM SEEK FOR HIGHER GOALS AND ASPIRATIONS IN LIFE! Children can play with toys and Action Figures, and Stuffed Characters of SUPER HEROES who look like themselves, and believe in themselves and their best spirits. has now finished with my personal/professional Author’s page!
The Fantastic T.E.A.M. at AMAZON.COM have been at work on my personal/professional Author’s web site. That’s the URL. Go check it out! And while You are there, Might as well get Your Copy of The Magnificent, Exciting series 1st issue of ©The L.A.Z.E.R.U.S. Project, and The Closet Cove. Terry Reece, AKA “the Warrior” Terry “The Warrior” Reece: Books, Biography, Blog,…
Visit’s Terry “The Warrior” Reece Page and shop for all Terry “The Warrior” Reece books and other Terry “The Warrior” Reece related products (DVD, CDs, Apparel). Check out pictures, bibliography, biography

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