Please don’t get me wrong, I have Loved Football, Basketball, every since my school days. But, even during my High School days, there were a few times, when I thought, within myself, that Some Coaches “go too far”, and I expressed that a couple of times, and I refused to allow certain types of Activity to me, or support it being done to my T.E.A.M. MATES, and so I became kind of “Punished” and not really too much respected at times. WELL, I had to make some very personal Decisions, as a young man, and African-American male, back then, that I would Not, and Did NOT honor certain types of behaviors, which have Only Continued to be done as Daily Practices of “BULLYING” of Coaches towards Athletes…IT seems to make them Feel LIKE BIG MEN, but, to me it has Always equated to Men who needed to make themselves FEEL BIGGER, than their “MAN-HOOD!”…Anyway, WE allow the “BULLYING” and it is evident and engrained within Our Societies, pretty much every aspect!

SO, the hidden Injuries, the hidden Long term Effects, Now that Hall of Fame Running Back, Tony Dorsett, became Public…There are always the “UNDER-BELLY” and “UNDERGROUND” consequences of many of the Daily Things which WE, as Americans, “take for Granted!”….

Casualties of the Gridiron – Series Trailer
Watch the video Casualties of the Gridiron – Series Trailer on Yahoo Shine. Preview the new documentary series that chronicles the struggle of retired NFL players who endure chronic pain, addiction, and traumatic brain injuries, as they search for healing, redemption and freedom from their suffering

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