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Sometimes you come across that rare piece of art that gets to you– that takes you to a different place, and opens your eyes and your heart to a new horizon. For me, Stick Fly is that piece of art.

Stick Fly is an incredible, moving and HILARIOUS play, that I’m so honored and excited to help bring to Broadway this winter. These profound characters bring you deep into the life of a family that is just like yours or mine– capturing everything that goes with that: the outrageous, the funny and the secrets tucked away inside the family closet.

My mother’s greatest passion is the theatre and she introduced it to me very early in my life. I grew up right next to Broadway—I could see the glittering lights from our apartment. To produce a play like this is a dream come true for me. And to have the chance to share this play with an audience, night after night, in a beautiful theater, on the streets that I walked everyday as a kid with only “a pocket full of dreams”… can only be described as modern-day magic.

My favorite thing about great art is the way that it gets to you, crawls inside your heart and lives there in a way you can’t forget. I hope if you’re in NYC this winter, you’ll have the chance to experience Stick Fly, and that it moves you as much as did me.

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