WE “Enable” the Empowered “MIAMI BULLYING Damage CONTROL”

“BULLIES” feel Empowered by Our Modern and Past Societies!

WE “Enable” the Empowered “MIAMI BULLYING Damage CONTROL”

“BULLIES” feel Empowered by Our Modern and Past Societies!
Detroit : MI : USA | Nov 11, 2013
By thewarrior
OK, by now, Most people have heard about the “Bullying” incident in Miami. Yet, as You should step back and review Our Modern and Past Societies, “Bullies” are empowered by Us, as a Whole.
As, the Recent “Publicity” and “Image Recovery” Stunts, and Media Coverages, have displayed, The person who did/does the “Bullying” has received many, multiple “At-A-Boys”, and “Mentally Sick’ Support statement from “Enablers”, who feel what was being done is perfectly normal. And to put it lightly, IN Our Societies, it is an everyday “NORMAL” way of lives.
IN this case, as in Cases of “Domestic Violence Bullying”, and as in “Corporate Offices/Work Place” Bullying, it is considered “Normal” daily living. Many, Many people ONLY think of “Bullying” as in Schools…That is very, very limited and shallow thinking…The WIDE, more “Normal” Bullying occurs, in Offices, in Bosses, in Corporations, in The “Haves & Have-Nots”…every day, every minute of every day.
As in the latest Miami incident, The “Victim” has been, and is being made to be “BAD”, rather than the “REAL BAD GUY”. Many, Many times, as in Corporate Office Sexual misconducts, as in the MILITARY Type of Rapes and Misconducts, as in Domestic Violence, as in Criminal oppressions, as in Our Legal System’s ways of making the Persona, who have been Wronged; Feel like “THE BAD PERSON”, WE all need to search ourselves, within and garner whether, “BULLIES” should ever be given a “PASS”, a Platform to do “DAMAGE CONTROL”??!!/ …
The “Bullying Person”, in this latest Miami Case, Not ONLY has a History of “Mental Aggravating & Bullying” behavior, that goes back, way back into his History, His Actions have been condoned and rather “At-A-Boyishly” approved of by many, many of his piers, and managers, Bosses, and Associates.
And, the Victim has been made to feel “weak”, “inadequate”, “BAD!” because he did NOT “Punch The Perpetrator in the Face”…Would that be considered “Assault”, if it were to be observed by Our Laws?!? OH, I know, Its just another type of “BAR FIGHT”, in the Locker Rooms all over this Nation, and the World, HUH?
AS a Comics Books Creator, and Super Heroes type Company, I/WE Develop Our “SUPER HEROES” and the Big Companies who also Showcase the Well known Super Heroes which we see in Films, Toys, Action Figures, and Video Games, everyday, “THE GOOD GUYS” win most of the times, YET, “Villains”, who are the “BAD” guys, are always around, somewhere. The SUPER HEROES are “Empowered” to “Beat Down the Evil Bullies”..Totally the Opposite of what we seem to allow, on a daily base, within pretty much every level of our Societies. NO wonder Children grow up confused, and Adults carry on the Traditions of “Bullying For LIFE”
Let me put this into a Final comparison: Victims of Rape, many times, are made to feel “BAD”, because maybe She wears a “Short, Sexy Dress” (Well..She asked for it, Right?) NOOO!! that cannot be right..OR maybe She was afraid, or made to feel Afraid that she would loose her Job, “IF” she did Not “Play Balls” with her boss??;, or maybe She wanted to participate as an Equal, within a Field of Work, or Industry, and receive Equal pay for doing the Same Job as the males, and “Whopps..She has to “DO IT” to keep pace within her Career?? “IT is Still BULLYING” yet called by many other names and is practiced every minute of every day, in our Societies…
NOW, I know that I’ll quite probably be Literally “Taken to the Woodshed”, by making the “Bullying to Rape” Comparisons, yet…OK, So be it!…THIS is MY OPINION! and I am entitled to it! Its “FREE SPEECH”, Right?? I mean, All Kinds of Bullying and “BAD WORDS” and “BAD BEHAVIOR” is “Normalized” under the “FREEDOM OF SPEECH!” Systems, of our Worlds.
OK, NOW lets see “IF”, as in the Comics, ON TV Movies, on Films, “IF”, “JUST IF”, the “GOOD GUY” can come out “the Winner”, and “IF” the BAD GUY, the Evil-Doer, the BULLY, can be “BEAT DOWN!” as it should be!??
Terry, aka “the Warrior” Founder/Chairman/CEO Writer/Copywriter/Creator of The Closet Cove and the L.A.Z.E.R.U.S. project, and the “G.i.J.i.M.O.M.” Series Brand
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thewarrior is based in Detroit, Michigan, United States of America, and is a Stringer for Allvoices.
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