The NBA Players Missed a Golden Opportunity, BUT OOHH WELLL!!!: . .

The NBA has been described as “the Last Great Plantation”, among other “Slave-Like” institutions, and Namesakes…So, WE, Those of us who Love Basket Ball, have a Love-Hate relationship with the NBA. As a Former High School Basketball Star, myself, I had garnered hopes of playing, in the NBA myself. And Although, I never did make IT, I can relate to the Players, and The Owners (as a Small Business Entrepreneur).. BUT;My Rebel, and Creative mentality would NOT endure me to the Owners, very Much, BECAUSE, IF, I could have gotten to Sit down for a few Hours with The Players, and Their Leaders, ..NEVER, EVER, would They, (the Players) have to Go through this “CRAP” again, and Never, would the Fans, and All of the Businesses, that Depend on The NBA Seasons for Their Lively hood like the Many, Many small businesses near Sports arenas, the Sports bars, the restaurants, the Sports shops, the many many others..Never would This MESS happen again, ever!!!WHY?The Fans do NOT come to see the Owners, WE/They come to See the Magnificent PLAYERS.

#1. After The Players had De-certified away from the NBA League, and were on their Own as a NBA Players Association, I would have Convinced them to “Charter” themselves as a Corporation, yet basically as an LLC. Corporation,

#2. After They Became an LLC. with Revenue -Sharing foundational By-Laws, and A Totally Formed Legitimate Players’ Owned Organization, Then we/ They would have formed an Escrow, growth revenues bearing group of accounts.

#3. Thus; The Players would Own Their Own “BRANDS”, which is Themselves, and have Total controls over their own “Brands” products revenues and also The Players would Possess their Own Abilities to recoup those shares and guide them through the New Players League.

#4. Within 3-6 months, the New Players Association League would be ready to “GO PUBLIC” and Issue , with an “IPO” (Initial Public Offering) Retention of Majority Ownership, the Players would have within their Chartered By-laws to always maintain 51% of the Stock, yet Utilizing the 49% of Public Stock, available as The Growth Cycle for their GREAT Basketball product to and For the Public.

#5. Secure a “LLOYDS of LONDON” TYPE Group of Underwriters for the NEW League, and or Form their Own Players Association Chartered and Partnered BANK, which is easier to do, with the Type of Money, capable of raising by the Players, and their OWN Selves Brands names. I believe that the Public was basically 85-95% with the Players, NOT the Owners.

#6. This Plan, although it is simplified, within the Writing of this Press, YET is no more Complicated than the Formation of any other Already well established WORLD renowned Product and Business Industry.

#7. THE “IPO” of having the abilities to split the Millions of shares of Stock, and offer to the Public, AND Their FANS a much more Public ownership, status in the very Players and Teams, and Product themselves, would Greatly endure the NEW League to The People of their piers. The Average person and family would relish the opportunity to own Stock and see it grow, of the Players and teams which of Course would have to be Renamed, as “FUN”, but The Creation NEW JOBS, with the NEW League, would be So, So Much Fun and Excitement..Contests for NEW Team Names, NEW League Jerseys, and Athletic Clothing’s, and Products…

#8. The Arenas: All Colleges need Revenue, Therefore, Until Such Time, as The NEW LEAGUE, could/Would either “Buy-out” the Former Owners’ Arenas and Stadiums, or Arrange to Build their own, Then Lease Out The, Biggest and Brightest College Stadiums, and Therefore Again Revenue Sharing would actually be a “Win-Win” and create an even More viable Partnership, with the Colleges, Those that would/Could.

#9. NEW TV And Media Revenues Agreements, would/Could also be necessary to Go/Grow Forward. “BID the Contracts out”, for 6-10 Months, and accept the best 3, to 5 and spread the sharing so that more MEDIA Partners have rights to participate, and protect against 1 major Media Outlet becoming too Selfish, in the Future…

#10. Yes, They CAN/COULD! The Players, and Retirees of Players could have Controlled their Own Destinies and Futures of their Families, Fans, Friends, and NEVER, Ever, would have had these problems, of Stepping off the “Plantation” again.. They have Missed their Golden Freedom Opportunities, BUT, OHHH WELLL, I’m just a little small Business Man, and Entrepreneur, a Comics Creator, and Entertainment Products Creator, with too much Economic Development Knowledge, and Wisdom, and Not enough Celebrity Status, to be much of a Voice to the world of Great Power and Money, such as The NBA, or the PLAYERS Association, which is Who I do identify myself with as a Player who Just “Loves the Game of BASKETBALL!” Always have, and Always will!The OWNERS, had better be lad that I could NOT get a half day meeting with the Players Association, members and their leaders. (LOL) They, (the Owners would Hate my Guts)

Terry Reece, AKA “the Warrior”


Reece Enterprises/Time Travel Network, Inc./Family Media Company

Author of The Closet Cove & The L.A.Z.E.R.U.S. project

CEO of International Business Management/Affairs for TDM Comics International ( A New Michigan, DBA registered Company)

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