The Method Acting Class————This is it!

This is it!

The Method Acting Class————

Best Classes

Best Tuition

Classes begin May 4, 2011——

Only a few seats available for this next session…..RSVP ASAP……….

Are you ready to “bring it”?

Casting Motor City Film & TV Training Studio- State Licensed Proprietary School

Easy pay- as- you- go- plan just $25.00 per week for 12 weeks!

Total Tuition $375.00

$75.00 down

$25.00 week

Twelve Week Course

CMC Workshops & Class Schedule 2011


Behind the Fourth Wall Acting 1
Price: $375
12 Weeks-Wednesday evenings 6:30PM to 9:30PM

Class starts May 4th ends July 20th.

Enrollment down payment tuition due by April 30th.

Instructor: To Be Announced

The Fourth Wall teaches the craft and art of acting. In order to understand both sides of a dramatic creation as well as the essentials of staging a scene or monologue, basic theatrical direction is also part of the instruction. The rich flow and evolution of Konstantin Stanislavsky’s techniques and theories, also known as “Method” acting, is foundational to this class. Learning the necessary tools for creating a believable internal and external characterization with appropriate performance standards is the core of the curriculum.

Auditioning Skills Workshop – “How To Audition” Twelve Guidepost
Price: $375
12 Weeks- Saturday’s 11: AM to 1:30PM

May 7th to July 23th.

Tuition $375.00

$75.00 down

$25.00 week

Instructor: To be announced
Twelve weeks- Twelve Guidepost.

This class is absolutely indispensable to any aspiring or even mildly ambitious actor. First rate-clear cut, no-nonsense advice. This class tells you how to solve the actor’s greatest problem, getting a job!

The task of doing readings is a terrifying one. It’s not the same as performing. It’s a different skill the actor must acquire.

Please email us if you wish to reserve a seat for either class ASAP.

Kathy McKee Organic Casting

248-595-8660 studio-24/7
248-702-8146 cell

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