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The business of bizopps

  • By Lesley Fair
  • November 22, 2011 – 11:25am

Do you or your clients sell business opportunities covered by the FTC’s Business Opportunity Rule?  No?  Not so fast.  Under the revised Rule announced today by the FTC, a broader variety of bizopps — including work-at-home opportunities — will be covered when the changes goes into effect on March 1, 2012.

What do bizopp sellers need to know about the revised Rule?  You’ll have to give prospective buyers a one-page Disclosure Document listing, among other things, certain legal actions within the past 10 years involving key personnel and contact info for people who bought the bizopp.

Making any earnings claims expressly or by implication?  You’ll have to give prospective buyers a separate document detailing those representations — and you’ll need solid proof to back up what you say.  The Rule also requires disclosures when you make earnings claims in your ads on TV, in print, online, or in any other media.

To find out more about your compliance obligations, read Selling a Work-at-Home or Other Business Opportunity? Revised Rule May Apply to You or watch this new video:

Thinking about investing in a bizopp?  Don’t make a move without reading Looking to Earn Extra Income?  Rule Helps You Avoid Bogus Business Opportunity Offers (also available in Spanish).

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