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THE 99 Newsletter – February 2012
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THE 99 broke through the one-million-likes mark last month in near record fashion with its Official Facebook page.
Powered by the strength of Jabbar and the light of Noora, THE 99 was swept into the attention of the Facebook world in 2011. Soon after our launch, we promised a new online preview of our animated television series each time we reached 99,999 additional likes. When we made the promise, we didn’t think we’d be called on to deliver. But like everything else about THE 99, our Facebook page soon took on a life of its own and now stands 1,156,571.

What a month!

A million fans on Facebook and the premiere of THE 99 made-from-TV movie in my hometown of tiny Kuwait City. Few will understand the thrill of having your ‘second’ family appear on the giant screen while your ‘other’ family, along with friends and dignitaries from around the world, offer cheers of approval. Heady stuff for someone who was indulged his dreams and then had them approved by the cheers of others.

In the last several months, THE 99’s Facebook phenomenon took on a life of its own. When we first put up a Facebook page, we promised a preview of one of our animated episodes if we ever reached 99,999. When we did, we delivered a preview of an episode on YouTube. And when we reached 199,999 we posted another preview and still another at 299,999. We even promised to put up a full episode for a day if we were ever to reach 999,999. And sure enough, we did. So we put up a full episode ’10’ of THE 99 on YouTube for a day and announced it only to our Facebook fans. Within a few hours, thousands of fans from 84 countries had watched it. Absolutely incredible!

THE 99 is an idea whose time has finally come.


You can now write to THE 99 in your language and they will respond. It is all made possible by Google Translate and it is FREE. Soon, THE 99 Pen Pal Club will allow all THE 99 fans to speak directly with each other in more than sixty languages wherever they are on the planet. Stay tuned to details.

Meanwhile, you can reach your favorite superhero by sending your email to


The theatrical premiere of THE 99: Unbound played to a thunderous standing ovation by the packed house at Cinescape 360, Kuwait’s largest theater.

“We came to a social event and were greeted by an amazing experience of great family entertainment,” said one of Kuwait’s expat community who waited in line with her children to sign the show’s marquis poster. “This is one of those rare times when the program matched the promise.”

Lured to the theatrical premier by the patronage of Kuwait’s Emir and the presence of the international community, local glitterati and a promise of free popcorn, the critics raved about THE 99: Unbound.


Praise for THE 99 continued with major stories in hundreds of the world’s leading media. Click on any of the links above to see what they are saying about THE 99.


Recently, Gulf Bank licensed THE 99 to lend their support to a new list of banking services designed for the youth market. A look at these new services will be featured in next month’s newsletter.

Many of our broadcasters offer advertising opportunities to those wishing to reach our young family audiences with appropriate messages. We’d be happy to link you with the broadcaster that will soon carry THE 99 on-air in your area.

Various local and regional licenses are also being accepted for a myriad of products and services including apparel, consumer electronics, home furnishings, jewelry, character items and dolls, food and beverages, co-branded…

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