RHINOS’ NATION, Begins Young Rhinos’ Club Entrepreneural Trainings

Young Rhinos’ Club; A Wholly owned Brand of RHINOS’ NATION, is helping to “Rebuilding a BLACK Nation”. Founded by Experienced Entrepreneur, MR. Darrick Tucker, The Young Rhinos’ Club has Started the Classes and Sessions of Training Young Students, the Business of Business Management, Operations, and Entrepreneurship. By Starting earlier, within a Young Person’s Life, Darrick knows that the Students can Not ONLY become Smart, Knowledgeable Business Owners, BUT can Also become Better Citizens, and better Community Contributors and learn to Give back to many others during Life.

For Anyone who may not know, Darrick also serves on the Family Media Company/TDM Comics International “ADVISORY BOARD OF DIRECTORS”, and Darrick is the “D” within the TDM COMICS INTERNATIONAL foundation name ( Terry, Darrick, Michele= T.D.M.). As one of the Original Founding Partners of TDM COMICS INTERNATIONAL, Darrick has been a Successful Entrepreneur, himself, for over 25 years. He started as a Young Innovative Business Man, and Continues to give back, as he always has done.

RHINOS’ NATION has a Vision to take the RHINOS’ NATION and Young Rhinos’ Club to National Cities, and States, and ultimately Internationally.


One Mid-South group is training young entrepreneurs
Some Memphis teenagers are already focusing on their careers.

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