NEWS!!: Announcing the Appointment of INorma Nomgcobo Ndita, CEO of AfriNet TV to Our Advisory Board

WE are very pleased and honored to announce the NEW addition to our International “T.E.A.M.”
SHE is:
INorma Nomgcobo Ndita, CEO of AfriNet TV and Radio Broadcasting Network: Founder & CEO of AFRINET TV, CHAIRMAN OF AFRICAN CONINENT MEDIA AND CONTENT DISTRIBUTION

Norma, as she is affectionately called, has “JOINED-FORCES” with us, to help get “G.i.J.i.M.O.M.” and TDM Comics International Brands, and products distributed, and cognized in Media outlets for the Continent of Africa, African TV and Radio. Her Companies of MEDIA, TV, and Radio are extremely interested in The Music of “The V.O.O.I.C.E.”, his Press Release Parties, also Very interested in Working with Diedra Wayans, of Wayans Girl Productions, and others. Norma is excited to join us, in our missions and efforts.

WE sincerely Welcome “Norma”, and will seek out much from her, in the advisement for the African Continental presence of our Brands and Services, and products. WE are very Blessed!

Much love & Friendship, Y’all! (Smile)

Terry and Julia

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