“HE” has risen, before the dawn!

HAPPY RESURRECTION DAY! Jesus was never truly understood by men/women, ONLY Father, The Holly Spirit, and Himself.. Since the beginning of men, there has always been an evilness for 1 to seek to control another/others. “HE” has risen, before the dawn!

True believers would never perpetuate hate against one or another, because of race, color, nationality, class, wealth, creed, or any other reason.

Jesus exampled GOD’S enduring LOVE for us all, and No matter how simple-minded people may create all of the humanly excuses to rationalize hateful attitudes, and uncaring evil things done to a fellow man or woman, NEVER has There ever been any such association of evilness attached with the TRUTH of the Heavenly Father.

Most People will never understand Why/How a small, tiny person like me, can enjoy my quietness, alone with my Creator. I have been ridiculed many times, for not seeking to be seen on this Very, Very Special Day at the Brick & wood made facilities which Men refer to as the church.

I have had my Spirit so much filled, this morning, as I did get up very, Early, 3:30 Am EST, and meditated, and prayed, and then Joyfully Thanked MY Savior, and spirituality enjoyed myself, with tears, with awesome joy and LOVE, Grace and Mercy for me/us all.

I watched the 1951 movie, black & white version of “The Day the Earth Stood Still” and I have watched my Favorite Actor, Denzel Washington, in the movie; “Unstoppable”, and lastly I just watched “The Bruce LEE Story”

All, of these, including my recent watching of Lawrence Fishborne, as Thurgood marshall, and Denzel Washington in “The Hurricane”, and Denzel in “The Book of ELI”

I get Spiritual joy from many, many places, things, and episodes which My Heavenly Father shows to me each day, and they may come from anywhere, anything, and anyone.

I just THANK HIM, this day, this minute, this second, for LOVING me/US all beyond any way that any man/woman could ever do. “AMEN, AMEN, AND AMEN!”


Terry Reece, AKA “the Warrior”
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CEO of International Business Management/Affairs for TDM Comics International ( A New Michigan, DBA registered Company)
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