From The GREAT Schools Weekly; “BULLY” the “R” rated Film YOUR Child should see

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One R-rated movie you may want your kid to see

Bully, a harrowing documentary set to premiere later this month, takes a close-up look at the bruising experience of bullied children and the obliviousness of the adults around them.

Find out why you may want to ignore the R-rating and watch this movie with your child.

Emergency homeschooling

What happens when it’s halfway through the year and your child’s school is a colossal fail?

For a growing number of parents the only solution is a drastic one: to pull their children out and teach them at home. Learn more about emergency homeschooling — and how one mom made it work.

How to teach math through play

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Parent roomFind other parents like you — share tips and tricks and get your questions answered!
What would you pick: lower-rated school nearby or higher-rated school across town?
I need help identifying my kindergartner’s reading disorder.
What’s the difference between our district’s curriculum and a “core knowledge” curriculum?
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Smart feedback

Feeding picky eaters and rethinking what we feed kids

Dealing with a discerning diner
“…Did you ever notice that you’ll eat more fundamental foods – raw carrots, plain apples, simple salads – when you’re hungry? We need to let our children get hungry. Too many American parents are guilty of the “eat baby, eat” strategy…keeping foods in our children’s hands. We need to provide more mental stimulus between meals and let them experience a little hunger instead of immediate gratification….” Comments »
Food for thought
“Ammonia to clean hamburger meat? Is this for real? Had no idea. “ Comments »
Announcing our new science worksheets!

Wish your children understood microbes, animal habitats, and how lightbulbs really work?

Your kids can learn all this and more with our new, free science worksheets for:

 • Kindergarten
 • First grade
 • Second grade
 • Third grade
 • Fourth grade
 • Fifth grade
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