From The Arab American National Museum: Girls Empowerment Camp

WE are Honored to Support the on-going Missions, Efforts and Visions of the
Arab American National Museum : IF You have Daughters, within the Detroit/Dearborn Michigan and Surrounding Areas, Please Take advantage of The Program offered by The
Arab American National Museum.

Lindsay Robillard


We are pleased to announce that we are hosting a Girls Empowerment Camp being organized by SURA Arts Academy graduate and Girl Scout Cadet, Rain Hoskins. The camp is open to girls 12-14 and in it they will gain confidence, build trust, define and identify good role models, and of course have fun! It will take place July 29th-August 2nd from 9am-12pm right here at the museum. If you would like your daughter to participate, please e-mail me.


Lindsay Robillard


Arab American National Museum

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Arab American National Museum
Arab American National Muse

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