“CONGRATULATIONS!” to the MIAMI HEAT, and MR. MVP, (LeBron James)…and the “T.E.A.M.”

I just have to Say This, NOW!!! “CONGRATULATIONS!” to the MIAMI HEAT, and MR. MVP, (LeBron James)…and the “T.E.A.M.” that beat down the HATERS, and won the NBA Championship. Although, I’ve not been known much for Gloating, I have to GIVE these KUDOS, to the HEAT, especially MR. MVP. I was totally alone, at my Place of Business/Work; in Supporting The HEAT, and Mr. James, for winning another Championship..WHY?? every one of the HATERS, expressed that “the way which Lebron left the Cavs”… WHAT?? WHAT??? They just don’t want to hear me…IN a Country; AMERICA, which WE all seek Freedom, and Can Choose where, with who, and why we want to work for, or with a Particular Company, or with the Freedom of Choice who we like to work with!!! …YOU mean to tell me that People HATE Lebron, for exercising his Freedom of that Choice?? WWOOWWW!!! That tells me that People, Many, many of them relish the “SLAVE” mentality…I am NOT speaking of the Black Slave Industry, as it was perpetrated upon a Race and nationality of people…..I am speaking of a “SLAVE MENTALITY” that seems to always look for “BOSS”, to somehow Lead and Save us, from ourselves. We always seem to LOVE the “Plantation”, being inside the Fence, not straying out of the Yard. Many of us are “Cattle”, content to stay within the fenced in brown pastures…Lebron dared to be a “RHINO” who boldly jumped that fence and headed to the Blue waters and greener pastures, of the Valleys, and Climbed the forbidden mountains…He refused to allow MR. Gilbert (WAA, WAA-cry-baby, Spoiled Rich Person) to dictate his future, or his Freedom of Choices…Lebron’s Courage is pretty much “UNHEARD of these days”…Barry Sanders did it, Rickey Williams once did it, and There have been some others…BUT…Lebron is today’s Modern example of letting people know that the World is Round..And NOT FLAT…

OK, I know “Y’ALL” don’t hear me!!!
IN Order to grow, and advance, it is necessary to “step out of the BOX” or the “gate” or the “fence”…

Terry Reece, aka “the Warrior” Super Hero
Writer/Copywriter/Creator of The Closet Cove and the L.A.Z.E.R.U.S. project, and the “G.i.J.i.M.O.M.” Series Brand


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