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Angela Meryl G.I.J.I.M.O.M.jpg BT Abel RamirezAngela 6.jpg  With the Medallion SuitAngela Meryl: Actress/Writer/Stunt-Actress is:*©A.S.H.A.N.T.A.E. (pronounced “a shon taa”), aka ©the Black Angel

2.Angela Meryl: Actress/Writer/Stunt-Actress is:*©A.S.H.A.N.T.A.E.  (pronounced “a  shon   taa”), aka ©the Black Angel : She is from Greek-O-American heritages, and her Grecian Olympic Martial Arts Skills are World renowned as Championship Quality Status.

©A.S.H.A.N.T.A.E. has the Power of Duality and can duplicate herself into literally millions of herself. She has the power of “Cloaking”, meaning she can Appear and Disappear through and Inside of Places and Within Objects, even other humans and Animals. She can Control Sea Creatures, as her own, Yet Her Beauty always shines through. Enhancement of her Goddess powers of love, pleasure, beauty and procreation, along with the controlling of the powers of the Waters, The ©L.A.Z.E.R.U.S. technologies formulas, caused her to become astronomically indestructible.

HER Alter-Ego: ©Angelica Merylanto Teaches Scientific Astrology & The Science of Greek Mythology at the ©Universe School of Galactix Studies.


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