Ask Yourselves a few Questions:
1.Why have “So-Called” “U.S.” Leaders declared WAR upon it’s own Citizens?
2.Why do those same leaders have very flawed and skewed loyalties and principles concerning the economic status of the citizens of the united states?
3.Has a “War Declaration” secretly been passed by unethical, and unpatriotic corporate Greedy individuals, and groups of CEO’S against the Citizens of these United States of America?
4.What reasonable outcome could the greedy corporate controllers of these dirty, evil schemes, against the citizens everywhere hope to achieve?

For reasons, which can ONLY be cemented in evilness, can any logic be explained about what is taking place, and has been since the 1970’s. There is an all out “ON-SLAUGHT” of pressures, and destructive policies being “Shoved” down the literal proverbial Throats of the Citizens of the “U.S.”

“Greed”; At it’s very core, is inherently EVIL, but these days “Greed” and “Evil” have formed NEW alliances and marriages of the most sinister waves of corporate and political natures. They are attacking basically every facet of our lives, at all corners of our very existences.

Let me explain!
For those of “U.S.” who believe in the Bible and GOD; The FATHER, The SON, The Holy Ghost, surely must know that these “perilous” times would certainly come about as was written about, within the Bible. Many references to these such times, like: “Spiritual Wickedness in High Places”; Like: “Put on the Whole Armor of God”; as we fight each day for our lives against the evilness of the times; Like: “Beware of Wolves in Sheep’s’ Clothing”; Like: “Having the Appearance of Righteousness, and denying the power, Thereof”; Yet there are many, many more warnings, We should reference and all take heed.

But for the People, the “U.S.” Citizens, the Decisions of Greed, within Political and Corporate meetings and Board rooms, and Golf Country Clubs, and on Private Jets, and in Corporate living rooms, and back rooms; those Decisions are destroying the lives of many, many People, who have done nothing more than work hard each and every day try in to make a better living for their families and children. YET, the Evil, Greedy Corporatist and “Publicans”, as Jesus called them, who were referred to within the same group as the Pharisees and false doctrines. (LUKE 12:1-59) Read the whole thing for Great Clarification of these times!

For those of “U.S.” who don’t believe in GOD, then That’s Your own Risk; I prefer to STAND on The Side of My Total Belief in “THE FATHER, THE SON, AND THE HOLY SPIRIT” FOR MY OWN PERSONAL DAILY WALK, AMONG THESE “DENS OF THIEVES”


WE, cannot simply “CUT & SLICE” our ways back into prosperity or back into Financial & Fiscal HEALTH. As Mr. Spock of Star Trek would say: “Totally Illogical!” as a Star Trek lover, I understand the Science of it, Yet, as a Christian Faithful Believer, I certainly also Understand the Spiritual Belief-Ness of it!

Lets expound more in-dept!:

JESUS LOVES/(ED) TO TEACH IN Parables, so that even a child could/should understand what his words say/said.

When GOD said: “be fruitful & Multiply” did that pertain Only to Humans?; OR Did it also pertain to Every Living Creature, That he Created, as well as every living Thing(s) or even animate thing(s) which “HE” also Created?

Modern Day Parable:
“Lets suppose that a Medical Doctor makes a diagnosis of a patient, and decides to perform “Extraction (Removal) Surgery” (“Cutting-It-Out” Surgery). No matter, what “IT” may be; IF he/she, the patient is fortunate, then that “Cut-IT-OUT” strategy works, IF the Doctor removed “IT” all, and no Small unseen cells of “IT” has/had spread. AND, then that patient can probably function, close to some kind of normalcy.

BUT, “IF” (there’s that little/BIG Word again): later, the Doctor decides that “IT” had/has spread to other organs or tissues, and so, the Doctor decides to “Cut-More-OF-IT-OUT”, because he, the Doctor did NOT get enough of “IT” out, before?.OK, NOW WHAT?

So, More of “IT” gets “CUT-OUT”, and even though the Doctor and his experts believe they have accomplished their goals, and gotten all of “IT” this time, the success for that patient just went downward, and is greatly diminished, IF (that little-BIG word again) although quality of LIFE is greatly also diminished.

But, Then Again, ONE (1) more time, the Doctor and his advisers, decide that More of “IT” has to be “CUT-OUT”, OK NOW, its really getting Desperate times! Upon conducting the 3rd Surgery, the Doctor and his “T.E.A.M.” discover and decide to “Close-UP” the patient’s Surgical would, and inform the Family and the patient, “there’s Nothing else that can be done”, and That patient’s survival would be a Miracle.

SADLY BUT TRUTHFULLY:“All of the “Cutting and Slicing” has lead to/leads to DEATH!”

NOW, on the other Hand: The Grat and Outstanding News!:

“BE FRUITFUL AND MULTIPLY” (Invest, Grow, Water, Cultivate, Discover, re-invest, recycle, care, love, respect, “do unto others, as you would have them do unto you”, honor others, be “my brother’s/Sister’s keeper”)
That with OUR new MEDIACL TECHNOLOGICAL (humnn?? “Logical”, Mr. SPOCK would Love it-LOGICAL), advancing Stem-Cell research, DNA discoveries, etc…that we could regrow a limb, a leg, a lung, regrow a Spinal cord, restructure a missing limb or organ, “Rebuild, restructure, and regrow”

What IF (there “IT” is again, that Little-BIG word):
New Breasts could be “Regrown/Restructured/Rebuilt” for breast Cancer victims, by utilizing Stem cells, and DNA? WWOOWW!!

“Paralyzed and Amputees” could/would Shout, and So would Loved ones, at the Possibilities, and probabilities of “Regrowth/Rebuild/Restructure!
The Overwhelming, Conclusive Answer is:”


Therefore: “IF” (there “IT” is again) WE find, discover, support, grow, regrow/rebuild/return,and re-establish TRUE LEADERS of the Citizens, to seek to bring Back the Citizens, retain the Youth graduates, keep the workers, create jobs, rather than “Cutting” Jobs, Make it easier for Entrepreneurs to obtain “Grants”, LOANS, Learn how to perform Fair “PUBLIC-PRIVATE” PARTNERSHIPS;

Forging ahead with NEW “BOLD” Ideas, and “RE-NEWED” Ideas, takes Leaderships, who are willing to Listen to the Communities, and the PEOPLE, the Voices, the Citizens, the Small guy/girl; the Very People who can offer TRUE Solutions to everyday issues and matters.
Leaders who use a “My way-or-the-Highway” Strategy, or agenda, DO NOT REPRESENT the “Greater GOOD of the PEOPLE!” That type of Leader, DOES NOT have the best interests of the Citizens at Heart, and is etched in the very CORE of EVILNESS! That kind of leaders, are Simply NOT for the Positive BEST Interests of this NATION, no matter how they try to LIE about it!

“Cronyism” Cannot be a “rule of Thumb, or Routine of the Day! “Favoritism” CANNOT be “Bought and Paid for” like a “CHEAP Cigar”, as we keep seeing in these times!

The General welfare of the People MUST take preference!

OK, I have stated my Case! Any Rebuttals?
Men have always sought “ULTIMATE POWER”

Which IS: the Power to Control another Human being, or group of Humans, or Large Groups of Humans..IT started with Cain & Able.

“POWER?” well, “ULTIMATELY” it always has, and always will belong to GOD, The Father, The SON, The Holy Spirit! HE will ONLY allow “U.S.” to discover, cultivate, grow, regrow, attain only so much of the minute (little/small/tiny) portions of HIS AWESOME POWER(s)

“C’Mon MANN!!” “MEN” STOP BEING SO EVILLY GREEDY AND SELFISH. “Cutting/Slicing” has Never, Ever Created Anything! Even “Webster’s” will tell you that “it” ONLY takes away, diminishes, reduces, destroys, kills-eventually, “IF” you keep on cutting/Slicing!

THAT is NOT LOGICAL! (faithful/Fruitful/truthful/life)

P.S.: to the “Cutting/Slicing/Union-Busting/Union-hating/Fair-Salary-Hating” So-Called Leaders” For Your Information, Governmental, State, local, Federal, Teachers, and Others, including ALL Union Workers; DO PAY TAXES, Buy Things, Have Homes, and Children, pay Into the National/Global Economies:”HELLO-McFLY-KNOCK-KNOCK” and TAX-BASED Revenues, Help ‘PAY the ECONOMIC BILLS!

Terry Reece, AKA “the Warrior”
Reece Enterprises/Time Travel Network, Inc./Family Media Company
Author of The Closet Cove & The L.A.Z.E.R.U.S. project
CEO of International Business Management/Affairs for TDM Comics International ( A New Michigan, DBA registered Company)
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