©The Cyber-Treck ©S.I.-B.O.R.G

©The Cyber-Treck ©S.I.-B.O.R.G
Cyber-Star date, ©Copyright 4*1*2011

Cyber-Space, the vast and wide frontier!

These are the voyages of the cyber ship: ©The Cyber-Treck. VESSEL CALLED: ©S.I.-B.O.R.G.

Our Mission:
To bravely go where criminals hide* to seek out their criminal activities* to help Law Enforcement officials* by providing Truth testimonials* by exposing corruptions and lies* to Spread the images of positive “Super Cyber-Heroes” *to fight cyber criminals, and fraudsters, and Bullies world wide *to seek out new adventures and fly into each mission with Honor, Courage, Truth, Justice, and Freedom of speech, and YET, without malice, without Lies, Without Bullying back, ourselves.

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