©S.I.-B.O.R.G. ©Zeneth Transporter


©S.I.-B.O.R.G. ©Zeneth Transporter:

Will Sail on all other Universal-Galactic Missions and Voyages, Except Earthly missions.

©S.I.-B.O.R.G. ©Zeneth Transporter will NOT interfere with the Earthly voyages of the

©The Cyber-Treck ©S.I.-B.O.R.G

of Earth.



©S.I.-B.O.R.G. ©Zeneth Transporter a sci-fi ship sailing through cyber space everywhere, except on earth.

YES, Cyber-Space does exist everywhere, But We keep the Voyages and missions  of the two (2) Flight Ships separate for our own reasons; to enhance the missions and voyages, and minimize the jeopardy of each mission and each separate flight.

Step Aboard!  We welcome Crew Members,  Heroes, and Fans!

All Rights Reserved!

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